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Charolas, the Spanish word for Trays or Platters, a fresh concept in Entertaining.

International fusion party trays prepared by Master Senior Chef Juan.

People enjoy entertaining friends and family in their homes. Parties are great fun, but often entertaining can become quite expensive, not to mention time consuming to prepare. Who doesn't love to entertain good friends and family, but with your busy schedules you hardly have time to cook; but if you make time, you may still be faced with limited menu items and, of course, the cleanup.

You could hire a caterer to do the work but that could be pricey. So Consider, Charolas, The Party Tray Co. and Bakery, as the alternative to caterers.

Charolas is a new, fresh concept and alternative to catering.

With a daily menu of International fusion cuisine, we specialize in party trays for any occasion. Our signature offering is the Emapanadas Charola with fillings of beef, chicken, spinach and cheese. We also offer the traditional cheese and cold cut meats charolas, an array of international themed appetizers charolas, and our dessert charolas that include fillings of strawberries and cream cheese, figs, dulce de leche, coconut and seasonal fruits.

Charolas Party Trays will please even the most discriminating palates and guarantee you lots of compliments. As the host, you'll have a beautiful buffet table that is artfully and colorfully arranged with delicious food. As a guest, you'll enjoy a variety of international fusion offerings.

Stop by for a personal consultation so we can help you plan the perfect food for your party.